Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012


One day, when night will cames, i could take pictures of me. With outfits that have been long time since I bought but I never wear that. This pictures has taken by my boyfie harvi <3 And this is the results ...^_^
 I dunnoo why i love the above <3

 By the way, this nail art made by me XD

 This green turquoise asymmetrical skirt i bought at Yellowline store but you can find other products at their website maybe http://yellow-line.com/ or http://yellowline.com/ Why there are two options? BECAUSE i forget their link, the product's label has been lost :( i'm so sorry But in my remember i think the website with -

white shirt - NN
green turqoise asymmetrical skirt -http://yellow-line.com/ or http://yellowline.com/
white necklace - NN
ring and bracelet - NN 
tribute in french lace choco brown boots - juice string

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