Rabu, 22 Agustus 2012

Another Choco Brown

 Choco brown. I love this colors, netral for any outfits and skin color. This tie dye legging i bought about two years ago and i think its hippie again, hehe right? I bought its at online shop https://www.facebook.com/#!/id.shopfull

Btw thanks to my boyfie who again and again taken my pictures. Haha my hobby.I think enough about the words for this post XD I donno what to say again. See ya on the next post ^_^
Hat - NN
Choco Shirt - NN
Tie Dye Legging - Id Shop Full 
tribute in french lace choco brown boots - juice string

Rabu, 15 Agustus 2012

House Of Chocolate

When next satnite came again, me with my three friends without my boyfie :( went out to one place in one mall in jakarta with the ice cream theme called magnum house of chocolate. This is the second time in Indonesia 'walls' open one unique place to eat unique ice cream of their products, fyi in the 2011 year the name is magnum cafe. And when we get there, magnum house of chocolate has been open a week, of course with the many waiting lists and with different decorations than magnum cafe.

As well as break fasted for me who was fasting in the month of Ramadhan). Break fasted with ice cream? Haha not only ice cream sih. Me with my friends ordered rainbow cake magnum ice cream, red velvet cake magnum ice cream, double waffel chocolate ice cream, chicken wings, and etc. At that time we can tasted each other although not exhausted, LOL! Our stomach felt full but not yet filled rice. Yes i can say Indonesian people will not satisfied to eat without consuming our staple food, RICE. I love rice!

pastel shirt - NN
ribbon gold necklace - ITC mangga dua
low high blue skirt - DIY
blue light shoes - jojo

Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Tribal Art

I see the trend now are tribal motifs and neon. aren't? So I wear shirt as top with a neon color and skirt with tribal motifs. Btw my nail art at this time with the theme tribal too loh, hehe. See?

This is tribal nail art by me, yes my hands without other hands ^_^ Good or bad?

blue neon shirt - NN
two tone orange yellow necklace - ITC mangga dua
tribal skirt - NN
black boots heels - rosebud 

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012


One day, when night will cames, i could take pictures of me. With outfits that have been long time since I bought but I never wear that. This pictures has taken by my boyfie harvi <3 And this is the results ...^_^
 I dunnoo why i love the above <3

 By the way, this nail art made by me XD

 This green turquoise asymmetrical skirt i bought at Yellowline store but you can find other products at their website maybe http://yellow-line.com/ or http://yellowline.com/ Why there are two options? BECAUSE i forget their link, the product's label has been lost :( i'm so sorry But in my remember i think the website with -

white shirt - NN
green turqoise asymmetrical skirt -http://yellow-line.com/ or http://yellowline.com/
white necklace - NN
ring and bracelet - NN 
tribute in french lace choco brown boots - juice string

Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

Step Up

 Thankies to my boyfie has taken this photos :* Oh iya i forgot to tell about my new hair include my haircolor  on my blog before. I can say welcome my long and black hair, looks good before or after? XD

I bought this tribute french lace choco brown at Juice String and u can buy it too by click here heels by request loh ^_^

Two Way Can Flower Shirt - Yuan
Necklcae - NN
Belt - NN
Black Short - DIY
Red Bag - Mango
Tribute In French Lace Choco Brown - Juice String