Selasa, 24 April 2012

Green Prambanan

 The second day in Yogjakarta, we (me and four of my friends before in this post I have explained) had decided to go to Prambanan with our friend Zack and his friend Rora is a professional photographer. With a good heart, with a kind heart Rora want to take free photos of us full day on the second day., YEY Earlier in the evening on the first day, we had meet them and made an appointment for the second day, haha..

 I call this blog's title as the Green Prambanan, because around Prambanan Temple was a lot of trees and green plants. Although the weather was very hot in that time, but if no greenish it will be hotter. Phew, global warming :/
Btw according to the people belief there, if a pair of man an woman who have love relationshipa, if they go to there so they will breakup. Its call a curse. I want to tell you why this story happen but it will be long of my blog, hehe so please read on one blog Indonesian person (with indonesian language) here

Green Dress - NN
Necklace - Ambassador's Mall
Blue Light Shoes - Jojo 

Senin, 23 April 2012

YK in the afternoon

 YK yogyakarta......... here we came! Me with my four friends arrived at the YK in the morning, but we decided to rest at the hotel and go out in the afternoon. How lucky we are, we got a cheap hotel in a good location that is malioboro. 
Well, in the afternoon we decided to go out around malioboro and that certainly take pictures ^ _ ^ When we were taken pictures around at malioboro and Vredeburg fort, we met a college student at the jogja who love photography, he offered to taken free pictures of us us, haha thx mas ajis, mas refer to as appropriate calls to the jogja or java man :D
I wear a lacey tank that I bought in PinkLabel, I really like the effect of this tanktop with a cute model (in my opinion).
 My friends :)
Lacey Tank - PinkLabel
Floral Short - NN
Blue Light Shoes - Jojo

My look on here  :D

Rabu, 18 April 2012

Not In a Good Mood

 Not in a good mood, yah that time, i was feel that,  i'm not in the mood for photos. I don't know why :/ Maybe because my hair is ugly too. haha you see it? hiks :'(
Btw, the effect of my white long shirt by DIY ^_^

 My mood seen wasn't good from the photos above, right? YES :'(
But thx my bf for the photos :D Photos by him <3

White Long Shirt (DIY) - PinkLabel
Orange pants - PinkLabel 
a Half Wedges in White - Nine West
Skull Card Ring And White Ring - AMbassador Mall

Selasa, 17 April 2012

A Sunny Day

That was "A Sunny Day" but my narcissistic soul was up, haha. Btw thanks to my boyfriend harvi that have photographed of me in the hot scorching sun XD

 Many photos above show my face expression of contract? Do you see? Haha effected of sun.

 Pink wedges at Yongki Komaladi
 I bought this flower bustier at PinkLabel store (ITC mangga dua), but you can also look their others collections at their webstore PinkLabel 
And the bracelet bought at centro 

Flower Bustier - PinkLabel
Bracelet - Centro
Pink Wedges - Yongki Komaladi