Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Posting Again

Finally, posting again. I just insert some photos in my post today. Because others photos of that i wear this outfits are dissapeared :( Others can't be saved, yah just only this, hiks. Yah this photos was taken in Lampung when i back there.

 By the way, i love this one. The ring has 4 sides and one of side is an UK flag, like my top ^_^

UK Top - Pink Label
Black Mini Skirt - Mr. Freddy
Red Bag - Happy Go Lucky
Blue Light Shoes - Jojo
Four Side Ring - EST+

Selasa, 14 Februari 2012

black always being loved

 Yah, i think this color always being loved because black is never die. Yes or No?

black one shoulder - zara women
long cardigan - ribbons
gold necklace - urban label
brown boots - the goods dept store

and u can see my loook at

Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

idea child on the wall and floor

These photos were taken in the bedroom. Can u see many illustrated papers with color markers on the wall and many pile papers strewned on the floor? Is these like its made by children? Hahaha these were made by me and two of my friends. And its idea from me ^_^

What's up with u hey double tape? Why u stucked to my thighs? LOL -..-"

Watcha...... my idea was realized in this wall and floor. These all quite to drained me and my two of my friends, fiu

two tones shirt - rosebud
hotpants - dual jeans
orange postman bag - veira
a half wedges in white -  nine west